Our friends at Jack’s Big Music Show are no longer in production and may be cancelled!!!!

So Jack, Mary, and Mel need your help!




Phone number-

Viewer Services Hotline- 212-258-7579 pres #4 then #9

Follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page for email form:


or email programming@noggin.com (not a confirmed email address though)

Mail Address:

Nickelodeon Preschool Television
1515 Broadway
38th Floor
New York, NY 10036

CONTINUALLY Call, email, or write a letter and demand MORE JACK BIG MUSIC SHOW & merchandise!!!!


Also, comment on this blog to let us know what you think!



133 Responses to JACK’S BIG MUSIC SHOW CANCELLED??????!

  1. Amanda says:

    I can’t lose my Jack!!! It’s my son’s favorite!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Your info. has been very helpful. I have been sending random e-mails…hope something works. It’s really the best show. My daughter watches 30 minutes of TV per day and of course, it’s always Jack’s. We watch it before bed time and we all look forward to it, even if we’ve seen it several times already. It’s amazing how they have made so many catchy songs…”Gonna have a beach party…” Love it! We love Prudence too!

  3. Please bring Jack back! It is such a treasure…….

  4. sarah d. says:

    I am so devastated to hear JBMS is gone! It is the only show my son loves- I love it too! If I had known it was not coming back I would have saved all of the DVR’d episodes instead of erasing them everyday. They need to at least put the episodes on Itunes or release them on DVD. My son is going to be heartbroken!!!!

    • Brooke says:

      I would have started DVRing the episoded too Sarah! 😦 I hope we as parents can help get it back for our kids!! 😦 I don’t know who’s more upset me or the kids ha ha! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!

  5. Dimmy says:

    There IS at least one DVD and it includes the “Groundhog Day” episode that they stopped airing on TV.

    You can find it on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Jacks-Big-Music-Show-Lets/dp/B000TGJ8DU/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1235996770&sr=8-1

  6. Carma says:

    Please keep this show on Noggin ‘ first Maisy left now this. My kids can’t take much more disappointment (they will have enough later in life)

  7. Libby says:

    My son loves Jacks Big Music Show. He usually watches it while I do business things first thing in the morning. He doesn’t really watch anything else. I’ve tried to get him to watch other shows, but none of them keep his interest like JBMS. In fact we were shopping yesterday and looked to see if we could find any JBMS products for his upcoming birthday. No luck there either, then today we wake up and find out that this show has been cancelled. How awful. Do they not understand that kids get attached to these shows and characters. And these two new show with pigs in them…I watched them the other day to see if I wanted my son to see them, and they were dreadfully boring, and not interactive at all. He is to trying to get Jack back!!

  8. Kate says:

    Please bring Jack back– it is the first show my daughter loved, and about the only thing she asks for– and we can all watch it without ripping our hair out!!!!! At least have the good sense to release ALL the episodes on DVD– not just 4— so that we don’t have to disappoint our children!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michelle says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Jack’s was our only reason for watching Noggin….my daughter will miss him sorely. She can’t say much, but she asks for “JACK?” every morning! BRING JACK BACK!

  10. Ken says:

    Thank God we have them all on DVR! Our son asks for “Jack’s Show!” every morning too. He dances, smiles, and laughs. JBMS has become such a great time for our family to dance and sing together. If we didn’t have them DVR’d, he’s be so devistated. I can only imagine the other toddlers out there that are devistated. I feel for your children!

  11. Sabina says:

    I was building a chair for my then 3 month old son and had Noggin on the TV and saw that he was quitely sitting there starting intently at the TV. Shocked, I turned up the TV to see what caught his attention and saw it was Jack’s Big Music Show. We’ve been hooked ever since. If ever my son is unhappy or I quickly need to get his attention I start singing “Dumm diddy dumm de dumm de dumm dumm… ” and he starts to laughing. I love everything about the show and actually look forward to watching it. I really need Jack back in the morning!

  12. Katherine says:

    My letter to Noggin.
    To whomever can bring Jack back,
    What happened to Jack’s Big Music Show???
    My daughter just turned one-year-old and has been watching Jack’s Big Music Show for about 6 months. This is her favorite show (the only show she will watch from start to finish). She gets so excited when it comes on that she starts screeching. She has learned so much from it. My neighbor proudly told me that her one-year-old (doesn’t watch JBMS) just started clapping the other day. To not be competitive I didn’t tell her that my daughter has been clapping since she was 8 months old and she learned it from JBMS’s intro song. And she also taps her foot and dances. I don’t know any other babies her age who do that and I thank Jack and friends for teaching her how. Tapping her foot is certainly not something I thought of teaching her now. To me its a testament of how big of a sponge they are and how this time is so important for their development.
    When I was a kid I was only allowed to watch PBS programing and enjoyed Sesame Street and was in love with Mr. Rogers. As a parent I was so excited to find a show that my daughter loved and can grow up with. One that will teach her lessons about compromise (Space Opera) while being something that parents not only tolerate but find ourselves singing the songs and searching itunes for the special guest musicians. If JBMS is bringing so much joy to our house right now I can’t imagine what it would be like once she starts comprehending the lessons and singing the catchy songs. It saddens me and my husband very much to know that JBMS has been cancelled. I wish you’d take off Lazy Town or Yo Gabba Gabba plus many more instead!

  13. Laura says:

    We all love jack’s big music show. I would buy every dvd and any murchandise that they made. My son loves this show. Thats all he watches… whhhaaaattt aaaaa ddaayyyy! 🙂

  14. YG Toddler Mom says:

    There are so few toddler shows on that have real music and real musicians that parents can tolerate repeatedly. My husband and I find ourselves humming the songs for hours later. Our 2 yr old loves this show! Also please make more DVDs available.

  15. La Rêveuse says:

    The DVD of season 1 is on sale for 12 bucks at Amazon right now. Perhaps if we stimulate the economy they’ll understand how much we love Jack’s?

    I got mine! Go get yours! 🙂 It qualifies for free shipping, too, if you need anything else.

  16. Lisa says:

    I’m so sad….my daughter watched Jack’s Big Music Show everyday. Where else can you get all of the singing and dancing? I’ll call these numbers to get the show back. Toot and Puddle is just a HORRIBLE replacement to Jack.
    I miss Melzie Boy!!!!

  17. Lisa says:

    In addition to Noggin, please contact the creators of the show, Spiffy Pictures – info@spiffypictures.com

  18. Ethel Catharine Smith says:

    We really do need to Get Jack Back. I was shocked when I checked the schedule and found it was not there. And to replace it with Toot and Puddle? When T & P first aired, I taped the first couple episodes and it was so dry – no music, no up beat, no rhythm, no magic. The characters are cute but they don’t carry the show. Like mentioned above, “HORRIBLE replacement to Jack”.

    Doesn’t anyone understand how kids learn and why Jack is so successful not only with babies, young children, and with adults as well? A friend who writes scripts for children once told me that when you write for children, you have to write to the adult (parent) audience as well, otherwise, you will never get the parents to watch the shows with the kids. Jack is so well written that it reaches kids from just a few months old (my granddaugher started watching Jack at 4 1/2 months) to kids who are well over 50 (me). I know I’m not the only Grammy who feels this way.

    We really need to Get Jack Back!

  19. Ethel Catharine Smith says:

    Another thought: Maybe we should all send a set of Jacks and Ball with our letters. It may get someone’s attention. 🙂

  20. amanda says:

    My daughter is one and she loves this show.
    Stupid toot & puddle she hates.. Jacks music show
    makes her laugh, clap, and dance. No other show gets her that excited. If kids don’t pay attention they don’t learn anything thats what noggin is supposed to be there for to get kids attention and let them enjoy themselves while they learn, honestly what are they thinking.

  21. Debra says:

    Jack is the best show on Noggin. My daughter is 18 months and she does not like cartoons, she likes real music and real children not cartoons. Please bring Jack back!!!

  22. Toni says:

    We Miss Jack! We love the singing and dancing that Jack and his crew do every morning. The replacement show just doesn’t cut it. My son is 10 months and can Jack from the other room and goes crazy to see the tv. We love the show and would love to see it on again. We want to “Rock This Clubhouse” with Jack!

  23. Robin says:

    Noggin has put reruns of Jack’s Big Music Show back on the air every night from 11:00 to 12:00. That is nice for parents who might like to DVR the episodes, but my 18-month old is not watching at that time. I will be writing a letter to Noggin to tell them what I think of their programming schedule. Once I’ve recorded all the episodes of JBMS, my son and I will have no use for Noggin and the cheap cartoons they are showing.

    Fans of Jack my want to check out Bunny Town on Disney. It’s made by Spiffy Pictures, creators of Jack’s Big Music Show.

  24. Janice says:

    Bring Jack back!!! It is my son’s and MY favorite show and the only one we watch … sniff, sniff. PLEASE!!!! Johns’ mom

  25. Nicole says:

    Jack is the only show my 9-month-old loves. She loses focus and gets fussy with other shows, but I put Jack on and she is in another world. It’s the only reason I kept my cable for so long.

  26. Ethel Catharine Smith says:

    Everytime I try to go to the facebook page about jack, i am re-routed to my facebook page. What’s going on with Jack? I haven’t been able to track the situation due to some job training I am going through. I see it’s still on at some horrible time.

  27. I love JBMS, too. My husband and I watch them with our daughter, who is 2. I HATE Toot & Puddle and my daughter will walk away from the tv when it’s on. BORING! WHen my daughter and our go to the park, we marchity, marchity, marchity along. PLEEEEASE bring it back

  28. Susie says:

    Well, I’ll just add my voice to the discussion for what it’s worth. WE LOVE JACK!! Our story is just like everyone’s; we have a little one who will only watch JBMS. She is 13 months old, and has been watching since she was about 6 months. Every single day we are so glad we stumbled upon this show, and so glad we Tivo’d every single episode. I still am in denial that it would be cancelled. For us, there is no replacement, although I will check out Bunny Town on Disney just to see what it’s all about. But it’s the music and the humor that keep us glued to Jack. I think Phil the Coo Coo Bird is one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen. Maybe I just need to get out more, but I love them all, as much as my daughter does. We love this show!

    • Sherriann Hamilton says:

      Baba-doo, baba-doo, baba-doo – LOVE Phil the coo-coo bird!!! 🙂 Always makes my daughter smile when I do that!

  29. anmarie papile says:

    please save jack my daughter loves this show i have lets rock and season 1 but i cant even find any other dvds we need more i’ve never seen her get so excited over something…she loves laurie berkner she is only nine months old and she actually dances to her songs especially im gonna catch you….11:00 is too late to play a show like that

    • Sherriann Hamilton says:

      Search on Amazon.com – there are 3 other videos that have JBMS episodes – Sleepytime Stories, All About Fall, and Nick Jr Favorites Vol 6. Of course, they have other shows too (Dora, Blues, etc.), but I thought it was worth it to get a few more episodes of Jack!

  30. Amie Nitz says:

    I know I am commenting late in the game. But for JBMS to be cancelled is sooo wrong. I have a lot of friends that just now have been turned on to JBMS because our kids are finally at the age they are watching TV and paying attention. This breaks my heart to know that someone put at beautiful, funny, creative and imaginitive show out there and its take away!!! Please give us our Jack back! Two DVDs, one with four episode and one with the music is just not enough! My daughter has learned so much and sings along to the songs… making her first sentences compliments the musical stylings of Jack!

  31. laurie b says:

    no more jack…
    no more nick!

  32. deb smith says:

    I am moving and am devastated because I have all of the show episodes DVRd and will lose them if I can’t figure out a way to copy them over. I just left yet another message at Noggin and even called Spiffy to ask them to take action. Has anyone heard anything recently?

  33. David says:

    Our 1yr old LOVEs Jack’s Big Music Show, and my wife and I do too. It’s the only show that keep his attention. He would watch hours of it if we let him. They play reruns around 10pm and we’ve DVR’d several of them, but I wish it would return to it’s morning slot. Please bring back Jack.

  34. Megan says:

    My daughter absolutely loves this show. She is 21 months old and can sing most of the songs, due to re-runs. I think if we have children we should get them on video when the show first comes on. My daughter screams Jacks music show! every time it comes on. She loves it and it makes me sad that they play silly cartoons such as Mighy B! and that Fairly Oddparents show and take off educational ones such as Jack’s Big Music Show.

  35. Laura says:

    My daughter is 18 months old and JBMS is the only thing she watches other than the Baby Einsteen videos. We have every episode DVR’d but we’ve seen each episode probably 100 times already. She brings me the remote control and says “Momma. Jack! Peeeeze?” If the show gets cancelled it will break her heart and I don’t know how many more times I can sit through the old episodes. I already sing the songs while I’m at work. So…I’m asking “Noggin. Jack! Pleeeeese?”

  36. msicism says:

    I’m on board for doing what I / we can to save Jack’s, easily Noggin’s best show, but I fear it’s a lost cause. Based on what I’ve read in Variety and other industry pubs, plus reading between the lines, it’s a matter of Viacom’s stingy economics helping to deprive our kids of quality TV like Jack’s.

    The bottom line: as part of Noggin’s planned re-brand to Nick Jr (which will also entail the sh*tcanning of Moose and Zee, btw), they’re introducing The JumpArounds, an insipid in-house music show production with four no-talent no-names who work dirt cheap, singing original “songs” Viacom owns lock stock and barrel. (This is Nick / Viacom’s attempt to get a piece of Disney’s “Hannah Montana” / “HSM” action.) This show is 100x cheaper to make than Jack’s, plus there’s no need to play top-line kidrock artists like Laurie Berkner and Justin Roberts, who don’t exactly work for peanuts (nor should they).

    So, yeah, it doesn’t look good. Thanks for being here for two years, Jack, it sure was fun.

  37. Jennifer says:

    My daughter is almost 10 months old and she loves Jack. We have seen every episode and she really responds to the puppets and the music more than any other program. Just like Laura, I too sing every song at work. It is heartbreaking that such a creative show [one that the whole family can participate and enjoy] is cancelled. Please, please create more Jack!!!

  38. Sophia Pena says:

    My daughter loves to dance to Jack’s Big Music Show!! Please bring it back!! We really LOVE little bad wolf! 🙂

  39. Nicole says:

    My daughter is almost 2 years.I am so disappointed to hear that this wonderful show is being canceled.Actually Jack’s Big Music Show is the only show on t.v. that allows me some down time.My daughter will sit and watch it for one hour at 8pm every night.I also know that she is getting education while watching it also.After Jack’s is over she knows it is bedtime.We have a routine every night,and Jack,Mary and Mel are always part of it.Please do not cancel this show!!! I don’t know what I would do without them…LOL..We would be extremely sad to see them go!!

  40. James says:

    Please stop the insanity of shows without inspiration…JBMS has always strengthen childrens’ view of music…Without music children will be lost…they don’t need anymore xbox games, they need more imagination…That’s what JBMS is all about…Please don’t lose your sense of adventure and imagination…Be brave and stand from something more than you are…Bring back JACK! Mary and Mel and let’s not forget the Swartzman Quartet….If not for us adults…Do it for the kids who watch daily on NICK…..

  41. My son absolutely LOVES Jack’s Big Music Show. We’re going to grab the Jack’s Big Music Show DVD – Season 1 to take along on our road-trip in July.

    My wife and I also really enjoy the show; it’s great! It inspired me to write my own blog post at http://www.ericitzkowitz.com/jacks-big-music-show.


  42. Emily says:

    We love Jack’s Big Music Show! Our son loves Jack, Mary, Mel, & the others. If you take Jack from us, where will we get our daily fix of the Schwartzman Quartet? Seriously, don’t give up on Jack! If only you could see our son turn our living room into a drum kit when he watches… maybe that would change your minds!

  43. sherry says:

    My son loves Jack. They cannot get rid of Jack’s big music show. There are some show out there that are so dumb and Jack is such a great show for kids.

  44. justina says:

    My son loves this show! He stays up because he knows that it comes on every night at 10 and than again at 10:30. This is the only show that acually makes him sit down. I also enjoy watching it with him

  45. Montre says:

    No, me and my daughter is is 15 months love this show, we just begain to watch it and I was wondering y we kept seeing repeats, this show can not be cancelled, it is very educational and it deals with music

  46. My Little Prince LOVES Jacks Big Music Show! PLEASE do not cancel the show! If you could only see my son clap and dance and almost sing (he is 14 months of age) as Jack’s mother begin to tell Jack at the beginning of the show that they do not have much time because of this lesson or that lesson Jack must attend. PLEASE do not take this away from my son and many other little ones who enjoy the show. Please do not take the show away from me either, for it is one of the few show where I can sing and dance along with my son. He loves it!

    Sincerely yours,

    Lalo de Pilar

  47. Jamee says:

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW!! It is a my daughter’s FAVORITE show!!! She loves it!!

  48. Jordan says:

    My son loves Jack Show (that is what he calls it). He is 20 months and he wants to watch it all the time but it is only on at 10:00 and 10:30 and he trys to stay up every night and watch it but does not always make it. He claps, taps his feet, and sings right along with them it is so cute. I really want to get him some DVD’s so he can watch it when he wants so he does not have to stay up so late every night just to get to see it but I can only find 1. He really loves it and I don’t mind watching it with him either like I do some of the other shows especially Ni Hao, Kai-lan they really need to cancel that show if they are going to cancel one. My son really does love Jack Show Please think about all the kids that really do Love the show before you cancel it.

  49. Jim Palladino says:

    Jack’s Big Music Show is one of the best…not just for kids but or adults also. My wife, my daughter and I absolutley love this show. Please keep it on the air. Why not program it earlier in the day? I find it hard to understand why Yo Gabba Gabba is on so many times furing the day, no comparison to a fine show like JBMS. Please keep Jack, Mary and Mel on the air!
    Jim Palladino
    Austin, Texas

  50. William says:

    We are so devastated that they are cancelling the best show on noggin. What an outrage to cancel a #1 show like that. No other show Rocked like JBMS. I must say that there is something wrong with the people making these poor executive decisions. Why is it they discontinue things that people like so much. I have seen this with tv shows, food products, Clothing, etc, you name it they cancel or discontinue it. Newer does not always mean better and more popular.

    I implore you not to cancel this great one of a kind show, if you have any wits about you, you would see what a HUGE mistake you are making by doing this.

  51. Angie says:

    My Daughter will not go to sleep without watching Jack it is her bedtime ritual. Please do not cancel. She loves all of the songs and characters. Please reconsider!!

  52. Avian says:

    WE want more Jack and we want more now!

  53. deb smith says:

    As requested I contacted both Nick and Spiffy. Spiffy says they sold the show to Noggin/Nick and it is up to Nick as to whether they will save the show. Nick finally called me back and someone with no creative decision making power basically told me that the show is no longer in production but for now they do not plan on taking it off the air completely. The thing is, and I hate to say it, all of our kids are eventually going to get older and move on to other shows but is a shame that there may be a day when kids will never get to meet Jack. I wish they would reconsider. My daughter had a Jack party for her 2nd Birthday and it was SPIFFY. What AAA Day!

  54. Mike and Ally Whitlow says:

    Please don’t cancel this great show. We are a musical family and have watched every night from 8-9 pm MST for a very long time. Our 4 year old grandson is finally ready for bed after his last clap and foot stomp at the end of the show. What a talented group with Laurie Burkner and her band! Please do not take this great show off the air. There is so much junk on the children’s networks now that this is truly a breath of fresh air for our family!

  55. Martha says:

    Please keep Jack on! Our son (and us) love the show. Our son has learned so much about music just by watching the show! We were walking around a store and he points and says “marracas”! What! What 20 month old says that? We did not teach him that! He learned it from Jack! Nick/Noggin…please bring Jack Back!

  56. Kevin & Julie & Daisy says:

    Definitely our daughter’s fave show. she’s been watching it since she’s about 6 months old (now 21 months) and all we ever hear is Jack! Jack! … we have a few DVR’d, and she loves them so much doesn’t ever tire of watching them … but we really hope this show can somehow be revived. it’s the best … love the scary monster episode the best of all.

  57. Jennifer says:

    I’m really sad that Jacks has been cancelled. My 8 month old loves Jack, it was his nightly routine before bed he would watch 2 episodes. It was such a great show for little kids and now they replaced it with 2 dudes on a show called “the upside down show?” …my son won’t even sit for 5 minutes for that show!!! Please bring Jack back!!!!!!!!!

  58. Keith says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am truly dissapointed to hear that this show is no longer in production. My wife and I are music teachers and we agree there has not been a show this valid for a long time. Our son has watched both seasons now for two years and to this day requests a show or 3. The formula is gold. It has a wonderful script, teaches excellent musical concepts through diverse styles, as well as proper social behavior and etiquette. I have purchased DVDs and CDs and puppets. From a teachers perspective, there is no better. It is rare to find a show that has quality orchestrations and performance as well as exposure to terrific artists. Please consider the hard work these creators have put into making such a great show on so many levels and give them another season!
    Respectfully submitted,

  59. Sandra says:

    I can’t believe the idiotic shows with no point are repeatedly being played during prime time when JBMS, a show with intelligent writing, creativity and wit is being cancelled. Yo GABBA GARBAGE!! How did that a show like that make it to the shelves of toy stores when they are canceling JBMS ?? JBMS is a far superior show and it is a shame that we are seeing repeats. We should be seeing new shows!! Who the hell is running Nick/Noggin??

  60. twinmama says:

    There are only a handful of shows on Noggin that are not animated (Yo Gabba Gabba, Lazytown & Jack’s Big Music Show). We are so sick of cartoons! Jack’s Big Music Show is wonderful and entertaining for everyone in the family. It teaches the kids wonderful lessons about music and has lots of real live guests that interest children. (Note to Nick: Kids LIKE to see other human beings!!) The humor is silly enough for kids, but witty enough for adults. It is a shame that Nick would make decisions to invest money in non-animated shows like “The Fresh Beat Band”, but remove shows like JBMS that clearly are interesting & entertaining. Ever watched “The Fresh Beat Band”? It is awkward, not entertaining and downright pointless. It’s quite an embarrassment. Get it right, Nick, and listen to your fan base for once – bring back Jack!!

  61. Christy (Sofie's mom) says:

    JBMS is a huge part of our family! Our daughter has severe developmental delays and various health issues, but MUSIC really makes her respond. We tried other television programming to illicit interest and responses but it wasnt until one day when she saw an episode of Jack, when she was 2-y-o, that she showed an ability to stop and really pay attention to something for longer than a few minutes. It is a wonder to watch her squeal with pure delight when the show starts, or even if we promise to put it on. That was a huge milestone for us. The wonderful music allows us all, including my husband, to interact with her, or calm her, or focus her… we are always singing along. We bought 2 copies of the ONLY DVD, because we can’t go anywhere overnight without Jack. I even had my grandmother “make” us a stuffed Jack doll. Sofie has never been interested in stuffed animals either, but when she understood how Jack related to her favorite activity, it was another amazing milestone to watch. We have 25 episodes on Tivo (I think that is all of them, short Ground Hog Day) and were lucky we had them when they rotated Jack to an 11 pm time slot. JBMS changed how our child interacts with us and the world, and showed us a common ground, with just the right mix of action, movement, and musical pitch to interact with her on. It would be a shame to end the potential reach of this show.

  62. Sherry says:

    I can’t believe that there will not be any new episodes of Jack’s Big Music Show! My 20-month old son absolutely adores the show and Laurie Berkner. What a shame! This show is so unique compared to all of the other “cartoony” shows out there. I will be contacting Noggin directly to demand more episodes of JBMS!

  63. Tracy sharp says:

    My 19 month old son LOVES Jack. He has no interest in any other show. I’m devastated. Seriously.

  64. Sherriann Hamilton says:

    So how can I get my hands on the video clips I should have “Snagged” with SnagIt before they took them offline last week? (You used to be able to go on Noggin.com and watch just the “videos” that played on Mel’s Magic Music Machine, but the new Nick Jr site only has two videos and the Leonard the Country Squirrel episode.) Anyone out there have them? I found a few, albeit grainy, on YouTube. Help!!! Is Nick planning to package them later to make some profits?

    Also, if you go on Amazon and search for JBMS, there are a few other DVDs that have a variety of Nick Jr videos, including JBMS. Sleepytime Stories has Monster, Nick Jr Favorites Vol 6 has Marching Band, and All About Fall has Mel’s Super-Swell Dance Party. Beware, though, I accidentally bought a CD that just has songs from the show and my daughter was confused about where the videos were when I tried to play it. There also seem to be a few DVDs by Laurie Berkner (again, several CDs also) if that’s part of what your child likes about JBMS… I know my daughter will call out Laurie! Laurie! Laurie! when she sees her!

    I guess it goes without saying that I am terribly disappointed to learn of this. I had been watching the episodes through my cable provider’s On Demand feature rather than the Noggin channel and had only noticed that they were cycling through repeats. 😦

  65. Twee says:

    PLEASE bring back Jack! it was such a whole-hearted and good show. i don’t understand keeping Ni-hao Kai lan with all its negativity (and I am Asian, so there’s no discrimination in my comment) and removing jack. and the Upside Down show? Jack was so much more fun and educational!!!

  66. Dawn Frobes says:

    We miss Jack’s Big Music Show… It was a great show , and my kids loved it. They have been watching it for a year and a half and loved it. It had great music and helped the kids learn many things!!! You should really bring it back………………..

  67. Anthony says:

    It’s a shame that they have stopped producing JBMS and since it’s been two and half years since the last episode was produced, I don’t see any more anytime soon. I am a professional musician and this is my daughter’s favorite show. She’s been singing and dancing along since she was a few months old and besides having all the episodes tivoed, I found a bootlegged copy of the complete series to take when we go away. Still looking for the Jack, Mary, & Mel puppets though.

  68. Renee Luzon says:

    Please bring back JACK’S BIG SHOW ~ my little dollie Manny (mom and dad, to) LOVED it!!!!

  69. Ben says:

    In the eyes of our 22 month old son, Jack’s Big Music Show is the only program on TV. When the theme music begins to play, he will come running from wherever he is playing in the house. He truely loves Jack….. Please bring Jack back………

  70. Diane says:

    My 2 year old loves Jack! It is the only show she will sit through and actually ask to watch. Please bring back Jack, Mary and Mel. We miss them.

  71. Gretchen says:

    My two year old twin girls have been watching Jack since they were six months old and I turned on Noggin out of desperation one night so I could get dinner going. Of course, they loved it! I have several episodes TIVO’d, but we’re going on vacation, and I can only find one DVD. Come on Nick JR. Get a clue. This show is wonderful … my girls have learned so much from it. They can even sing the theme song. BRING BACK JACK, or at least release all the episodes on DVD so other children can treasure a positive show that isn’t so ridiculously merchandised like Dora and Diego.

  72. Bettina Byrd-Giles says:

    So what happened. Was it canceled?

  73. Terri says:

    Jacks Big Music Show is the best preschool show ever ! I seriously cannot believe they have cancelled it ! I have a 2 year old that has seen no TV until recently. We decided to introduce her to television at 2, but she is not all that interested……until we stumbled upon JBMS. She goes bananas, lights up the room when Jack comes on. She dances like crazy, claps, sings, drums. The only show she likes. “Jack ?” she says. T ?……Jack ?? when she wants to watch TV. A girl of few words, but she loves her Jack. We adults love it too, quality musicians and messages in every episode. There are so many bad kids shows on TV, truly awful. Hate Toot & Puddle…..so boring, and hate Yo Gabba Gabba…..they try too hard to be cool. JBMS just IS cool.
    Please bring back Jack !! Another network should pick it up. If Nick Jr. doesn’t realize a good show when they have it….they don’t deserve it. Need merchandise too. I though it would be fun for my 2 yr old daughter to be Mel for Halloween. I researched it and there is nothing out there. I may make a Mel costume next year. Please bring it back.

  74. carlos g says:

    What happened to my show! It was my 2 yr olds favorite. Who decides what stays and what goes. Cause you sure didn’t ask a lot of parents whether to cancel or not. Im pretty down on you guys

  75. Rebecca says:

    Okay I know I’m very very late but my son LOVES JBMS. He watches it EVERYDAY on Demand. He never seems to get tired of it and neither do I. Please bring Jack’s Big Music Show back. I’m begging you … PLEASE!

  76. Rebecca says:

    kay I know I’m very very late but my son LOVES JBMS. He watches it EVERYDAY on Demand. He never seems to get tired of it and neither do I. Please bring Jack’s Big Music Show back. I’m begging you … PLEASE!

  77. Joy Hryniewicz says:

    Pleeease don’t cancel Jack. It’s such a smart and entertaining show. It and Sesame Street are actually the only shows I allow my 2 year old son, Hudson, to watch. He would be so disappointed if Jack was cancelled. He wakes up every morning and asks for “Jack!” Actually I would probably be more disappointed because that would mean more repeats for me. Luckily we had burned most episodes to dvd for our holiday travels so now we just watch the same 8 episodes over and over and over and over, hoping and praying that a new season will SOON begin. Please! As much as I loved the episodes the first FIVE times, I don’t know how many more Hawaiian beach parties or Grumpy Squirrel episodes I can take but I don’t have the heart to tell Hudson “no more Jack.”

  78. Jen says:

    This show is one of two that I can get my son to watch. He is developmenally delayed and responds well to this show. I hope they change their minds!

  79. Kelsie's Mom says:

    We love JBMS!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! My daughter just loves this show so much..

  80. KennJ says:

    Such a shame to see one of the few creative shows (Sesame St being the other top notch program)in reruns after only a few seasons. And not even a real DVD collection for the fans out there who would love to buy it. Typical of the $$$ is first attitude of the big guys who kill shows for a living.
    Bring back Jacks Please

  81. karen hennessey says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of Phil the coo coo bird? My grand daughter used to watch it every time she came to my house and now she (18 months old) keeps looking on the TV for Phil. Please keep making these segmenst for the kids. They (Jack and friends) are wonderful!

  82. Amanda Franzel says:

    Jack’s is my daughter’s FAVORITE show!!! She is 2 years old and, with the help of this show, she has developed an appreciation for music and instruments. She LOVES singing and dancing and cannot get enough of Jack’s. I believe that this show is one of the last few truly educational shows on TV. It is very original and truly enjoyable. As an elementary school teacher, I have sadly seen the decline of Arts Education in schools and am fearful that the influence of the Arts is disappearing from the lives of our children. The Arts should be one of the most important things in the lives of our children. Please bring back Jack’s Big Music Show and allow our children to be educated and entertained with this very unique and wholesome TV show.

  83. Amy says:

    My daughter, Savannah Rose is 5 months old, so our family just recently found Nick Jr., and one of our ABSOLUTE favorites is Jack Big Music Show! We’ve DVR taped the “Phil the Coocoo Bird” episode so we all can watch it whenever we like, but, of course, our daughter loves to rock away in her swing to it all day, every day! I think that JACK’S BIG MUSIC SHOW is just an utter joy for us music lovers, and I think it’s very educational and intuitive for our young generation. Please don’t discontinue JACK’S BIG MUSIC SHOW-it would be such a disappointment to everyone!

  84. Jim C says:

    JBMS is one of the few shows that is great for kids that have musical creativity. It also teaches great lessons. My daughter would be very sad if this show disappeared from the TV!

  85. Paola says:

    Please bring back JACK BIG MUSIC SHOW best show ever
    what is wrong with you people??????

  86. Kevin C says:

    I think it’s a crime to even think of cancelling Jacks Big Music Show. Not only does the show teach you of different culture’s it gives children a chance to benefit to different forms of music. My son can’t get enough of Jack. We watch the show every morning eating breakfast and at night before bed time. Do everyone a huge favor and don’t cancel Jack!!!!!

  87. Nikki says:

    I didn’t realize that the show is either cancelled or going to be cancelled…it is the only show that my 18 month old will stop what she is doing and watch it without moving….please keep t going

  88. Jack, Mel, And Mary says:

    HA!!!! Our music show has no more new episodes, but we still come on on Nick Jr. (NOGGIN’s new name) at (as of May 21, 2010) 9:00 AM eastren daylight time in the USA! So WHAT A DAY!

  89. ????? says:

    The link’s are dead because NOGGIN is now NICK JR.!

    🙂 😦 😡 😕 :\

  90. ????? says:

    IT COMES ON STILL! IN RE RUNS!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):)

  91. Rodney W says:

    My 17 month old son Jack absolutely loves JBMS, guess what I love it more!! Just found it recently and didn’t realize, until now, that it is reruns I am seeing. How disappointing! Just watched the “dance party” and had a blast…YIPPEE!!

    More more more…I am an entertainer and think that it’s a wonderful tool for my future musician.

  92. Sara Stewart says:

    My son LOVES JBMS and I just logged on to see if I could find DVD’s and/or other merchandise to purchase for the holidays and I find out it was cancelled! This explains all the repeat episodes, but I am very disappointed especially because Yo Gabba Gabba is still airing and the creators of that show were surely on drugs when they came up with that idea! That show freaks me out and I refuse to let my son watch it because it is so creepy. To find out they replaced JBMS with Toot and Puddle?!?! I have to go find a paper bag before I pass out. My son is going to be so upset!

  93. Couldn’t agree more with everyone’s comments here. My daughter loves Jack’s Big Music show and we were upset to see it gone. I still love Phil the CooCoo bird, spunky the alien, leonard the grumpy squirrel. They really should consider bringing it back.

    We’re going to see Laurie Berkner this weekend, primarily because my daughter was obsessed with her appearances on Jack.

    Recently wrote a review of Jack’s Big Music show:

  94. Donna Haney says:

    Please brink Jack back. My grandchildren ages 5 and love the show. More DVD’s would be great also. It is a great show.


  95. Morgan says:

    I suspected this show was gone as no new episodes have been on in forever. I hate that, because my 5 year old has watched it for a long time now. Oh well, have to enjoy reruns I guess.

  96. Kelli says:

    My 10 mo. old son LOVES Jack’s Big Music Show. He has to have breathing treatments twice a day, and the only way we can get him to sit still for them is to turn on Jack’s. I have all of them saved in my DVR, and we would LOVE to have some new episodes, and merchandise. PLEASE put Jack’s back on for NEW EPISODES!!!!!

  97. Kelli says:

    p.s. I have been searching the web for days trying to find merchandise for Jack’s for his 1st Birthday Party.

  98. Jim says:

    Looks like no one has posted in a while, so I thought I’d keep it going. My son (named Jack) loves this show. He wakes up every morning and says “I wanna watch show…” He’s 22 months old, so we were so glad he kept such focus during the show. He loves when Mel gets hit with the gong.

    Just don’t let the show get hit with the gong…

  99. Joe says:

    JBMS is so much better than any of the other shows on Nick Jr or Sprout…I don’t understand why a show that so many viewers obviously love is no longer being produced. Atleast provide some insight to all of us as to the reason(s) for no longer producing this show!!!

  100. On the behalf of my children we will be so lost without Jacks Big Music Show the mixed music and the hard work these people put in the show puts smiles on my kids face everyday! Please keep the show and the smiles. Thanks for your time

  101. Amina Sam says:

    This show kept my son’s attention from the early age of 2month. He’s now almost 1 and does not move when this show comes on. He loves it so much…. Please Bring this show back to nick jr!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Karen Hofferberth Stackhouse says:

    Autistic children really love Jacks Big Music Show. I really hope you keep it going. Brayden loves it. And he repeats things said on it. He’s not talking yet otherwise. He is 6. Please keep it on.

  103. Tracey Mulford says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!! BRING BACK MORE JACK MARY AND MEL AND FRIENDS!!!! I can’t believe it has been cancelled!!! NOOOOOO! Both my Grand bbs (and I)LOVE the show!! They are big singers because of Jack! WE have the Let’s Rock DVD and have to watch it in my car on the DVD player any time we’re together! We have watched it I know over 100 times! We all have the songs inbedded in our minds and want some new dvds, please. Did I see a season 1 and 2 dvds and are they legit and sold thru nick jr? Please let me know what we can do to bring back JBMS and how to get the dvd too!! Thank you so much!

  104. lorie hickman says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!! BRING BACK JBMS MY GRANDSON LOVES IT AND I DO TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. gloria says:

    I can’t believe this!! My daughter LOVES Jack!!! It’s the only show she’ll sit down and watch. Please don’t cancel the show!!!

  106. Shana says:

    BRING JACK BACK!!! My daughter LOVES this show! I have dvr’d all of the episodes they play but 26 episodes is not enough! Also, where can I find Jack merchandise??? Its truly the best kids show out there!

  107. Ana Claudia M M Pizzorni says:

    This is the only show that my baby 1 year 4 months older loves … She learned how to say “Meow” as a cat and the difference between a dog and a cat.. and she loves the music and Jack as well. She won’t leave the house without watching it! Please guys come back…you guys are the real deal for kids and us as mothers and fathers because we want to show ours kids the beauty of discovering life in a great fun way with creative music and great ideas…and good taste….Thank you guys for bring many great moments to my dotter’s day ! Xoxo

  108. roczag says:


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  112. Marge says:

    Please keep Jack on. I’m now watching my 7th grandchild and Jack has been a part of our lives for a long time. WE NEED JACK!

  113. Tom says:


  114. Brooke says:

    I am so upset with the new name change and most importantly the schedule change. I have a 17month old, and watch two other toddlers (19 and 15months) during the day. As we all know, toddler’s need routine and we definitely had that with watching JBMS at 9:00 daily, followed by Toot and Puddle. Taking away Toot and Puddle wouldn’t be so bad, but, taking away JBMS is just wrong! Also, am I the only one who missed the memo that JBMS was being cancelled? Was there even a last edisode? I didn’t see any commercials/advertisments like I did when Playhouse Disney became Disney Jr. PLEASE bring Jack’s Big Music Show back!!!! There are A LOT of dissapointed toddler’s and preschooler’s out there!! They DON’T do well to change.

    Thank you,

  115. Mike says:

    Jack;s is my grandsons favorite show. When it comes on he yells “Jack, Jack” points to the TV and smikes and dances.Please BRING IT BACK.

  116. Peggy Rodgers says:

    We watch jacks big music show every day. It would be greatly missed. Love the music and guests. I’m 72 but feel like a kid while watching with my grandson. Please keep my jack.

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    […]JACK’S BIG MUSIC SHOW CANCELLED??????! « Jack’s Big Music Show CANCELLED?[…]…

  118. Koanta Topping says:

    My 18 month old Grandson loves Jacks big music show and Mouse A Mouse he sings and dances when they come on and he was really learning from the Mouse… so please put them back on Nick JR…

  119. nicole catlin says:

    Can you put JBMS back on at a decent time? It comes back on at 5am central time and me and my daughter wake up at 7am. Please put JBMS at a reasonable time

  120. Amanda says:

    I realize that most of these comments are from 2009. My daughter absolutely loves this show. She won’t let us watch anything else. She chants jack jack jack just to watch him. She has started looking for jack toys when we are in the store. Please bring Jack for this lil girl.

  121. Maria says:

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    right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  122. Mrs. WeAver says:

    Wow, I had my daughter in July of 2012 and my husband brought to my attention that she liked this show so I started recording it, I have only 20 episodes and today’s date is March 18, 2013 and I just realized there No more JBMS recording so I looked to see when it was coming on again now they have some show called Olivia in its place. This such a big bummer, we love Jacks big music show! I need to know where I can buy the DVDs for my little angel!

  123. theresa says:

    Bring jack mary and . Mel back please!!!!! And want to purchase the plush toys of them

  124. dee says:

    How disappointing it was a really cute and fun show one of the best on. I tried to email to request the show return but its not a vaild email

  125. realvirgo says:

    Please provide valid contact , my 21 month old loved our 2 times a day Jack came on, we watched it together :O(

  126. jeff erwin says:

    My daughter loves this show, its the only show she actually pays attention too, and asks for by name , please help bring it back , the seasons are so hard to find for purchase , this show is much more interesting than half of the other programs they air on nick jr

  127. marisela says:


  128. Searcy Family says:

    what the heck happened to my kids favorite show that i actually enjoyed watching with them yo gabba gabba, wonder pets, bubble guppies an team umizome are cool but not after you seen them over an over! An none of those shows are as musical an enjoyable as jacks big music show i was disapointed to read it is cancelled!! WHY We love it? PLEASE BRING BACK OUR SHOW PLEEAASSEE!!!!!!

  129. melissa says:

    My son loved this show.The link to email however,isn’t working.

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